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Welcome to the world of e-books with ThomasMax. We are now migrating all titles (with author permission) to Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook. For a list of available e-book titles and links, click "E-books" in the navigation bar.

Can't find one of our print books on Amazon? We've had some issues with books not being displayed. However, they ARE available through Amazon, including being a part of the "free shipping" availability with a minimum order (currently $35 at our latest report). To buy the book through Amazon, click the "see other internet sellers" link and go to Amazon Marketplace. You will find the book for sale, new, from Amazon.com there. We apologize for this inconvenience, and we are trying to remedy this situation. However, Amazon makes the final decision as to what it displays, and this is out of our control.

How much to publish a book?  How about 250 books, 100 pages, delivered to your door* for $ 1,400.00** or less.  Click here

Churches:  see our special fund-raising offer below!

So . . . you've hunted unsuccessfully for an agent to represent you or for a publisher to buy your work?  Welcome to the club!  That doesn't mean your work isn't good.  It may well be better than the stuff the agents represent and the manuscripts that publishers buy.  What it does mean is that those folks rejected you because they did not have a clue as to how to sell your project.  Frankly, quality is a secondary concern to them . . . they're in it for the money, and if your project does not fit their profile of what they know how to sell, you're automatically rejected!

We at ThomasMax are writers and creators ourselves, and we know what it's like to go through the ups and downs of getting published.  We can help you, often at little or no cost other than for you to purchase as few as 200 copies of your finished work at below-wholesale cost!  And we'll have you listed in the catalogs of major book wholesalers and available through a host of internet sellers like Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

We pride ourselves as a hybrid between the big publishing houses and the other print-on-demand publishers.  We don't just accept anything for publication.  We expect you to have your work professionally edited.  As a matter or principle, we don't accept erotica (oh, sure, we'll consider novels containing sex; we just don't want porn) or blasphemy (again, if Buddha is your hero, that's okay, but we're not interested in a handbook on Satanism).

We enjoy speaking to writers' groups, so if you have a group that meets within a reasonable distance of our home base of Atlanta, GA, contact us to come and speak to your group.  And since we're already there to address your group, we would enjoy participating your critique group, too!

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    Welcome to ThomasMax . . .

  your publisher for the 21st Century!