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    Enter the ThomasMax You Are Published Contest

       at the Southeastern Writers Conference And Workshop

ThomasMax Publishing will sponsor its annual contest at the Southeastern Writers Conference And Workshop, with first prize to be 25 copies of the winner's book delivered to the author at no charge, including all the benefits of ThomasMax Publishing as outlined in our contract.  To enter the contest, please note the following rules:


  1.  Contest is open only to those registered to Southeastern Writers Workshop.

  2.  Submit manuscripts as listed on the conference registration form.  Entry deadline will be listed on registration form.  Manuscript may be submitted in full or only first three chapters. A complete synopsis (3 to 10 pages) should accompany all entries.  Approximate word count should be included with synopsis. All submissions should be in 12-point font, preferably Times-New Roman or Book Antiqua, double-spaced with at least one-inch margins on all sides.

  3.  One entry to the ThomasMax Contest per person. Only completed manuscripts will be accepted. Do not send "unfinished" works.

  4.  All entries must be previously unpublished works.  Works may be fiction, non-fiction, or a collection of short stories.  Works in the range of 40,000 to 90,000 words are preferred, although works of other lengths will be considered. Please do not submit works to which the principals of ThomasMax Publishing are aware. If we know whose work we are reading, we cannot in good conscience judge that work to be a prize winner.

  5.  Winner must sign our standard author contract, although there will be no financial obligation to author unless author chooses to purchase additional copies of the finished work.  Our standard contract, which will be modified slightly to show that no money is due from the author, can be seen by clicking here

  6.  Publisher will determine wholesale and retail prices and author royalties.

  7.  Author agrees that manuscript may be edited for spelling, grammar, style, or as otherwise deemed necessary by Publisher.  Publisher will provide this editing free of charge and will also design cover free of charge. Author will be consulted about cover, but final decision will be by Publisher.

  8.  After being advised of contest results, winning author is to provide any photographs, illustrations, biographical information or other details that might be used, at Publisher’s discretion.

   9.  Author agrees, by submission of manuscript, to accept the award and furnish materials within 30 days of announcement of the winning entry at the SWA Awards Ceremony.

Contest Manuscripts become the property of ThomasMax Publishing and cannot be returned.  Winner will be announced at the Southeastern Writers Conference Awards Banquet.


ThomasMax Publishing reserves the right to update or modify contest rules up until date of entry deadline.