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Lee Clevenger (left) and R. Preston Ward from ThomasMax  

ThomasMax Publishing was founded in late 2004 by Lee Clevenger and R. Preston Ward.  The company is named for our fathers, the late Thomas William Ward, Sr. (1925-1998), and the late Max Clevenger (1925-2015).

Lee Clevenger has been a member of the Southeastern Writers Association since 2001.  Now retired from the Board of Directors of SWA after serving as President from 2008-2010 and 2012-2014, he was the 2002 winner of the Jarvis Humor Award. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and has written a number of magazine articles for trade publications. He is currently working on the sequel to his debut novel, IncrediBoy: Be Careful What You Wish, which he says should be completed "someday, hopefully soon." He also has a Christian horror novel in the works as well as another book or two under a pen name. Clevenger also does editing, graphic design and general consulting to authors and would-be authors.

R. Preston Ward has credits as a published playwright.  He is an expert in graphics and photo editing and served as photographer and videographer for the SWA's annual conference in St. Simons in 2006. His first novel, The Moulin Huge, was released in 2007. 

Our first release, in December 2004, was Lee Clevenger's IncrediBoy:  Be Careful What You Wish, a novel originally released in late 2001 by Creative Works Publishing. Creative Works closed its doors in 2003, with the rights reverting back to the author. Stunned by the lack of creative control and marketing by the company that originally bought the rights to IncrediBoy, Lee sought his own outlet to re-release the book. Ward joined in partnership in the company.  The second release, in early 2005, was a family cookbook from Ward's family, Since You're UP! (featuring Ward's niece, Lauren Mozingo, on the cover.) The photo below, from Christmas 2005, shows Ward with his family cookbook, Clevenger with IncrediBoy and the late beloved Fudge (wearing Santa hat).

Since that second release, the word about ThomasMax has apparently been spread.  Check out all our books in print through both ThomasMax Publishing and an imprint, Divacity Press.